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Smoke Signals


Over the past year I’ve come to realize that I no longer write because I can or because narcissistic reasons compel me to. I write because I have to. Because if I didn’t I would probably lose my tenuous grasp of sanity. Maybe that sounds overly dramatic – hey poetic license and all that – but I imagine that is how I would react if I didn’t get to write. Maybe that is why a part of me relates to Geoffrey Rush’s portrayal of the Marquis de Sade in Wright and Kaufman’s Quills.

Smoke Signals, then, is my attempt at writing about writing. A record of the process, the evolution of technique, crafting of a story (or stories in the case of my first book), of the burden of creation.

Smoke Signals Photo © Theena Kumaragurunathan, 2011


Because I find my generally introspective nature lends itself to a need to smoke. And the genesis of my first book is a result of many hours of introspection and smoking.


* The Solitary World of a Writer – June 21, 2011

Click here for the Smoke Signals archive.

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